How do I find the best awards to enter my book for?

So here’s the deal. You write the book. You get it published. You promote it and push it. And you have to enter it for awards too? It’s all too much for one person, right? If you think this, you are not alone. Writers everywhere bemoan the current state of affairs that expects writers to be Jacks, Janes and Jaxes of all trades.

Some would say, it’s a small price to pay for the luxury of living in an age where it’s so much easier to get published.

So how do you enter your book for the awards most suited for it? Services like Duotrope and Submittable give you thousands of opportunities for exposure through publishing and awards, but no one can keep up with so many opportunities. And all those submission fees…

It seems someone was listening. I recently came across an amazing service which links books to awards suited to them and can even automatically enter your book for awards. It’s called Book Award Pro.

How Book Award Pro Began

It was started by Hannah Jacobson, a self-proclaimed book nerd. Jacobson studied at Texas A&M University and graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Human Resource Development with a minor in Business Administration. While she was a student, she interned with the Texas A&M University Press and managed over 700 awards and professional recognition events for all the university press publications. She also worked with authors to optimize and present book entry materials for awards.

A few years later, Book Award Pro, was born.

How Book Award Pro works?

According to their website, Book Award Pro’s automated service carries out research and continuous updates to keep its database on book awards up to date. The site’s matching algorithms run daily to connect books with award opportunities.

“Every month, our intelligent targeting automatically analyzes your landscape of matched awards to determine your book’s best opportunity to win. Our system cultivates details about your book to craft a beautiful nomination package for entering targeted awards. Our technology automates the entire award entry process, nominating your book to its monthly targeted award. We manage the nuances of award requirements and submissions, ensuring your book gets the professional edge it deserves.”

Book Award Pro Pricing

There are currently three pricing tiers;

Essentials. Gets you the basic award matching .

Plus. Adds targeting technology to direct you to your best opportunity to win every month and a nomination kit to make it easy to enter awards.

Pro. Which will automatically enter your book for its best matched award every month – Award entry fee included.

See the table below for details.

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