What is fan fiction?

Fan fiction is a genre of writing that is based on characters or settings from an existing work, typically created by fans of that work. The first fan fiction is believed to have been written in the early 20th century, based on the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Types of fan fiction

Here are some common types of fan fiction:

Fix-it fan fiction

A fix-it story is a type of fan fiction where the author wants to fix an event in their favorite work of fiction by rewriting it themselves. For example, if they didn’t like how something happened in Harry Potter, they might write their own version where it goes differently. Fix-it stories are less common now because many people find them too difficult to create well. 

Crossover fiction

A type of fan fiction that combines elements from two or more different fandoms. For example, Harry Potter and Marvel are often mixed together in crossover stories.

Slash fiction

A type of fan fiction that focuses on relationships between two characters of the same gender. It’s one of the most popular genres, especially among young adults.

Femslash fiction

This is similar to slash fiction, but with female characters instead of male ones. It’s also quite popular, especially among women and girls.

Check out this video where Authortuber Casey explains what fan fiction is

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